Welcome to Kamlala Education Society's
Pratibha Institute of Business Management
(NAAC B + Accrediated, Approved by AICTE & Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University)


  1. Books
  2. Journals
  3. Magazines / Periodicals
  4. Newspapers
  5. General Books
  6. Multidisciplinary Books
  7. Rare Books
  1. Reference Service
  2. Reading Room
  3. Internet / Wi-Fi Facility
  4. Institutional Repositories
  5. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  6. Current awareness Service (CAS)
  7. Document Delivery Service (DDS)
  8. Book Exhibition
  9. Research Projects
  10. New Arrival Display
  11. Online Feedback for Library Activities
  2. NLIST
  3. NDLI
  5. e-Pathshala

1. In the library, please keep quiet.
2. Using a mobile device is strictly forbidden.
3. It is strictly forbidden to eat, chew gum, smoke, or use tobacco products.
4. Students are expected to store their personal belongings, bags, and reading
materials outside the library.
5. During free periods, students will be permitted to use the library.
6. After using any materials, students are asked to return books, magazines, and other
items to their proper locations.
7. Without the librarian's consent, no library materials may be removed from the
8. Books, periodicals, and other library materials will only be provided upon presentation
of a valid identification card.
9. For a span of 7 days, each student may check out 2 books with a single card.
10. A book that has been issued may be renewed "Once" for a maximum of 07
additional days on or before the due date.

11. Before borrowing a book, students should check its condition and, if any pages are
missing or torn, let the librarian know. For the same, the offending student will be held
accountable. When it comes time to give the book back later.
12. The owner of a lost book is required to pay the fine and replace the lost book with a
new one.

1. Librarian: Ms. Sanyukta Borse, NET; SET;  M.Lib.I.Sc ; PGDLIM; PGDLAN; MBA (HR)
2. Asst. Librarian: Mr. Sachin Gaikwad B.Lib.I.Sc